Friday, September 28, 2018

                             5th Grade Newsletter- October 1, 2018

Upcoming Events:
     Volcano Explosion Day     -Thursday, October 18 @ 2;30
     Missing assignments given out      -Wednesday, October 10
     End of 1st Term                 -Friday, October 12
     All work due                       -Friday, October 12
     Worker’s Holiday               -Tuesday, October 16  (READ-A-THON) 
     Reflection entries due        -Friday, October 19
     Veteran’s Day Program     -Monday, November 12 (10:00 AM)

DARE begins October 12.  Officer Taylor is our DARE officer and he will teach twelve classes on Drugs, Alcohol, and Resistance Education to our students.  Students who successfully complete this course will graduate January 31.
A letter is attached explaining the requirements for our Volcano Explosion Day..  Please read the letter and let us know if you have questions. This is an exciting day for all of us!
We will give each student a list of their missing assignments on Wednesday, October 10th, so that there are no surprises when the end of the term comes two days later.  All missing assignments must be turned in by Friday 12th in order to attend Worker’s Holiday.  Remember, 80% or higher is also a requirement. 
Worker’s Holiday will be a Read-a-thon.  Students need to bring a book (or books) to read.  They can wear PJs, bring a pillow or blanket,  and a few snacks to eat.  This is a great way to get ahead in reading.  We hope students are still working toward their Reading Revolution Book Club goal.  Remember, it takes 16 books to reach the Congressional, 20 books to reach the Executive, and 30 to reach the Freedom. 
Reflection entries are due on Friday, October 19.
Our 5th graders have been asked to sing in Cedar City’s Veteran’s Day Program, held at the Veteran’s Park (by Heritage Center).  We’d love you to come listen. They will perform October 12 at 10:00 AM.  We plan to ride the buses there and walk back. 
Each 5th grader received a Patriot Award packet, and some students have passed off 8-10 requirements already!  Students need to be self-motivated and complete most of these at home. However, they must bring them back to school each day..  Maybe keep the packet in their backpacks?  Thanks for encouraging and signing off requirements for them. 

You need to go into your child’s Power School and sign the Safe School and the Computer Use policies., if you have not done so. This has to be done every year. Any student without a signed  Computer Use Policy will not have access to use computers as of Monday, October 8.  If you need help getting in to Power School, Mrs.Griffiths in the front office can help you.

        We are thrilled to be meeting with you at SEP conferences to discuss the education goals for your child.  We value your support and want to keep the communication lines open.  Please feel free to drop in or email with your concerns.
 Mrs. Payne, Mr. Sahagun, Mrs. Little, and Mrs. Williams

******The next blog update will be on Wed., November 24