Tuesday, May 15, 2018

        5th Grade Newsletter
                                          May 16, 2018
    This will be the last newsletter and progress report that will be sent home this year. 
Thank you so much for helping your children find costumes and memorize parts for the Famous 
American Play.  I’m sure you were as thrilled as we were with the great job the students did. 
SAGE testing is over. We can focus on some last minute math concepts students need to know 
before they enter 6th grade; and of course, we’ll do some really fun activities!  Please look at the 
list of events.

May 16, Wednesday-MIDDLE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE 6-7 pm
         Judicial Award (ice cream party)
Freedom Award(pizza party)
May 17, Thursday-Tie-dying shirts in art -Make sure your white cotton shirt is here!
Congressional Award (movie and popcorn)
May 19, Friday-Last day to turn in ALL missing work
                     Executive Award (Breakfast in the park) Students will be leaving
                                the school by bus at 8:50, and walking back to the school from the
                                park after breakfast.
May 21, Monday  Worker’s Holiday-TENT DAY(10:30-3:10)
May 22,  Tuesday, Field Day (held at South Elementary)
May 24,  Wednesday, Last day of school, school dismissed at 1:30 PM
              For Tent Day students need to be able to set up and take down their own tents, unless you want to 
come and help them. Tents may be set up before 8:50 or at 10:30. Students should bring activities and games 
for the day. There is no Wi-Fi. Most students indicated they would be bringing a home lunch, so don't forget 
that. Those who ordered a school lunch will be going into the building to eat. We will take the tents down at 
about 3:10. 
We would like students to bring a t-shirt (white or light colored, used or new) by tomorrow, 
that can be tie-dyed with Mrs. Davis. Many already have them here.
Please look for any library books or other school books that need to be returned to school.  
Students will need to return or pay for lost books in order to receive their yearbooks and 
promotion cards.
This has been an amazing year, and it will be hard to say goodbye to these students. You have 
been supportive parents, and we can’t ask for more than that. 
Thank you for sharing your children with us this school year!

         Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Payne