Tuesday, December 4, 2018

DECEMBER 5, 2018

     Can you believe we are pretty much halfway through the school year?  Time sure does fly by when you are having fun.
     We only have two more weeks until Christmas break and yet there is a lot left to accomplish before then, so we ask that students really try to make it to school every day to stay caught up before the end of the quarter.  
     Christmas break will start on Friday, December 21st and will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd.  Progress reports will be sent home with students on Tuesday, December 18th and any missing work your child may have,  will need to be handed into their teacher by Thursday, December 20th, in order to qualify for Workers Holiday.  The next Workers Holiday will be on Wednesday, January 2nd.  This will be the same day the students come back to school from their Christmas break.  More information about the Workers Holiday will be sent home in the next newsletter.
     With the weather getting colder, we ask that students come to school dressed in appropriate attire to handle the cold.  Students never know when they are going to be required to stay outside for lunch breaks or afternoon breaks, and if they are not dressed for the cold weather, those break times can be miserable for them.  Please make sure your child wears their coats to school and are always prepared for an outside day at break time.
     We do appreciate parents and all  the help you give us in helping your child succeed.
Mrs. Little, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Williams and Mr. Sahagun

***Please sign the verification form, attached to your child’s print out ,stating that you have read this newsletter and have viewed your child’s grades.  The next print out will come home on Tuesday, December 18th.